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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambulance Transportation Questions
Why was I sent a bill for service - I did not call for an ambulance.
Bills are sent to the person who received the service, regardless of who called.
Will you bill my insurance company?
Yes, we bill primary and secondary insurance, but ultimately the customer is responsible for any charges incurred. Please note that the insurance information is not always provided to us. Therefore it is sometimes necessary for us to send the bill to you along with a letter requesting your insurance information. Upon receipt of the insurance information we will submit the claim on your behalf. Please complete the Patient Authorization form and fax to 748-8520 or return via mail as soon as possible.
Will Medicare pay for this service?
Medicare will pay 80% of the approved amount if they deem it was medically necessary for you to be transported by ambulance and the patient would be responsible for 20%.  If Medicare decides it was not necessary to go by ambulance then the patient is responsible for the entire bill.  If you choose to dispute Medicare's decision of non-payment please provide us with copies of your documentation regarding the dispute. 
Will my health or supplement insurance pay my bill?
Your coverage depends on your particular policy.  Only your insurance company can verify that, therefore you should contact them.
Will my health insurance, Medicare pay when I have an auto accident?
No, auto insurance must always be billed first.
Why do I have to pay, this accident was not my fault?
Under Florida's No Fault Insurance Law your insurance company is billed first.  We may not be aware that your injuries were the result of an auto accident so please make sure we are provided that information as soon as possible.  We will submit claims to other secondary insurance after your Auto insurance has made their payment.
What about Health Insurance Portability and Accountability?
West Coast Medical Service. is covered by the medical information privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (generally called "HIPAA") and its Regulations. As a result, we are required by law to maintain the privacy of our patients' protected health information and to give our patients this notice of our legal duties and privacy practices. It is our obligation to abide by those practices, in the use and disclosure of that information. Read More..

If you are looking for Manatee County EMS, you have the WRONG website. The address is http://www.mymanatee.org.

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